Draining your fields for higher yields is the goal. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals will work with you to customize your drainage project since every field is unique. Because excessive moisture slows your ability to plant in the spring and harvest in the fall, Hodgman Drainage Company, Inc. makes sure your customized drainage system enables you to keep your crop management schedule and increase your yields.

The combined years and experience in residential and commercial drainage construction places our estimating staff at an exceptional level in the industry.
Estimate Forms allow us to quickly gather data on your property, your location, and soil composition. This essential data will aid us in formulating an accurate estimate.

Drainage Estimate Form

To prepare the most accurate estimates an on-site evaluation will be conducted and essential data will be collected by our staff. We offer the following agricultural drainage services:

  • Agricultural drainage
  • Controlled drainage and subsurface irrigation
  • Drainage design
  • Drainage installation
  • Waterway and terrace construction
  • Tile repair service
  • GPS surveying and mapping
  • Troubleshooting
  • Multiple solutions and pricing
  • Preventative maintenance solutions
  • Testing and inspections
  • Grade check/ transit

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