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It’s incredible to think about how far technology has come in recent years. From the smartphone you may currently be holding in your hand, to the many other pieces of tech you encounter throughout the day, the world has been changed forever. As an ag drainage company, we have not been immune to these changes. While we’ve been in business long enough to remember how things used to be done, we’ve fully embraced the advances of technology, as they allow us to offer better services to our customers. And one of the technological developments that have played a huge role in this industry is GPS. 

Knowing Where We Are

When you think about it, operating an ag drainage company before the advent of GPS was a serious challenge. The fields we work in can be huge, and they are difficult to map out and measure by hand. While it’s possible to do so, those measurements may be off, and it takes an experienced professional to get it just right. The results are so much more reliable when GPS is used for surveying and mapping. GPS is extremely accurate, it’s fast, and it allows an ag drainage company to consider all possibilities when planning out a project. The result of implementing this technology in the agricultural drainage process is fields that drain more efficiently, and drainage work that does not take as long to complete. 

Make Sure Tech Is Working for You

When hiring an ag drainage company to work on your land, be sure to ask them how they leverage modern technology to make smart decisions and deliver accurate results. GPS is readily available and provides a distinct advantage in the world of ag drainage, so don’t settle for any contractor who isn’t going to put technology to work for the betterment of the whole project. 

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