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If you have been working your land for years, you have likely worked with at least one agricultural drainage company in that time. Drainage is an extremely important topic for any working piece of land, so partnering with an agricultural drainage company that can optimize the way water moves on the property is important. However, before you bring in that same company for another project without looking around at your options, make sure they are keeping up with the times. Technologies exist today that weren’t available a short time ago, and leveraging those technologies for better results is what a modern contractor in this market should be doing.

Seeking Out Technology

Hodgman has a long history of reliable service as an agricultural drainage company in this market, and we are proud of the work we have done over the decades on countless different properties. With that said, we welcome advances in technology that make our work more effective and more valuable for our clients. The advent of GPS and digital mapping is the best example of how we have evolved over the years. Being extremely accurate through the use of GPS ensures that we get ideal results and deliver on the expectations of each of our clients.

Experience Still Matters

It’s a blend of modern technology and old-school knowledge that allows Hodgman to deliver such great performance on each project. We certainly aren’t throwing out everything we’ve learned over the past 40 years in favor of modern technological aids, but rather we are bringing those two components together. With so much valuable experience and knowledge built up among our team, it would be foolish to throw that away – but we would likewise be foolish to ignore what technology provides. By bringing both pieces to each job, you can be sure Hodgman will deliver time after time.

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