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If you have gone back and forth on the idea of having field tiling installed on your land, you already know how tough this decision can be. The investment required to put field tiling in place is significant, of course, but so too are the benefits. To help you see just how much can be gained by adding this element to your land, we’d like to cover some of the key benefits below and explain how those can help you get better production than ever before. 

Staying on Time

Few things are more frustrating to a farmer than failing to get crops planted on time. When planting falls behind, the rest of the year can be a struggle to catch up – and yield may simply be reduced as a result. Also, harvesting on time in the fall is equally important, and both of these schedules can be improved through the use of field tiling. Managing water will make it easier to plant and harvest on time, making the field more productive in the end. 

Limit Compaction

Soil compaction is a battle that farmers have to fight, and using tiling is a step in the right direction on this matter. Good tiling will keep the fields draining freely and allow the roots of your crops to establish deep down in the earth. Reducing compaction might not be your primary motivation for investing in tiling, but it’s a worthwhile piece of this puzzle. 

Keep Plants Healthy

Ultimately, getting maximum yield from your land comes down to having healthy plants. A high water table is going to endanger the health of your crops, so this is yet another point in favor of field tiling. Keep the water level below that of the plants and allow the roots to establish firmly in quality soil. 

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