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Excavation – it’s nothing more than digging a hole in the ground, right? Well, that’s the general idea, but it gets a little more complicated than that. For an experienced excavation contractor like Hodgman, the excavation process can become quite involved, as we offer a full list of excavation services to meet the needs of our customers. If you are shopping for an excavation contractor to take on any kind of land preparation project, be sure to reach out right away for help. 

Excavation is a Custom Job

While most excavation projects have at least a few basic things in common, this is a custom job at its core. Each project needs to be designed intentionally to meet a targeted outcome. This is where the experience of an excavation contractor can come into play, as an inexperienced team might not have the knowledge needed to dial in the design and create a plan that will serve the customer properly. 

Not only does the contractor need to know how to adapt to the needs of the customer, but it’s also important to have experience in many different settings and environments. By facing the challenges presented by different sectors – such as residential, commercial, and agricultural – the contractor will develop varied skills and be able to overcome unique challenges. 

Core Excavation Services

There are certain types of excavation work that come up over and over again for contractors in this market. Some of the key services offered by a quality contractor like Hodgman include –

  • Grading. This is one of the core services provided by nearly any excavation contractor. Grading is exactly as it sounds – altering the grade of the land to serve the purposes of the project at hand. It might be necessary to grade a site in order to improve drainage, or the surface of the ground might need to be altered to make it work for upcoming development. 
  • Excavation. Of course, actual excavation deserves a spot on this list, as it lends its name to this whole collection of contractor services. Excavation is the act of moving material from one place to another. That’s a simple goal, but when those materials include huge, heavy rocks and other items that are challenging to move, the job gets a lot more complicated than it sounds at first. 
  • Waterway construction. Controlling the movement of water is important for many reasons, and sometimes it is necessary to create new waterways to achieve a goal. Even the fact that excavation companies have the equipment and experience to move land, they are a natural fit to tackle waterway projects. 

The list of three points above certainly doesn’t cover everything that is done by excavation companies, but it’s a starting point. Other potential services can include demolition, terrace construction, hauling, aggregate materials, and more. 

Having Important Conversations

Perhaps the most important part of any excavation project takes place before any dirt is moved. The conversations you have with potential contractors about what you need from the project and how they can meet your goals are essential to success. You don’t want to get into the job only to find out later that your chosen contractor doesn’t have the right experience or capabilities to see the project through in a safe and timely manner. Taking the time upfront to have detailed conversations about how everything will play out, what the project will look like from start to finish, and any other related details, will take away your stress and put you on a path toward a positive outcome. 

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