By Published On: January 16th, 2021Categories: drainage, excavation

When you think about hiring a drainage company to work on your property, you probably think first about improving the way water moves through your soil. And, to be sure, that is a core service for all excavation and drainage companies. But that’s actually just the start of the list of services offered by these businesses, so you might be able to benefit from working with this type of company even if your drainage is just fine. As you consider excavation and drainage companies to serve your needs, be sure to keep Hodgman Drainage high on your list.

Plenty of Possibilities

One of the best things about having relationships with excavation and drainage companies is having quick access to their many services when a project comes up. For instance, at Hodgman Drainage, we offer excavation services such as site grading, basement excavation, hauling, and even snow removal. With the equipment necessary for these tough tasks and the team to get the job done, we are a smart choice for any of these important jobs. Rather than trying to find a new contractor to take on these jobs separate from your drainage work, you can trust the same team for all of this heavy lifting.

Directional Drilling Also Available

Need to run lines underground without disrupting the surface in the area? Directional drilling is the answer, and this is yet another service offered by Hodgman Drainage. We provide our customers with highway boring, utility conduits, water lines, foundational boring, and many other related services. This is a great way to reduce the environmental impact of a project while still achieving the desired outcome. Of course, our directional drilling services can be combined with some of the other services we provide – like drainage and excavation – to handle an entire project on your property from start to finish.

At Hodgman Drainage Company, Inc., we have been offering quality drainage services since 1982. To learn more about our services, feel free to contact us at, or give us a call at 507-528-2225. Thank you for considering Hodgman Drainage!