By Published On: May 21st, 2021Categories: excavation

Early in an excavation project, it can be difficult to even imagine how the work will begin. When a lot is covered in overgrowth, you might have trouble picturing what the excavation portion of the job will look like once it gets started. To be sure, lot clearing is an essential part of many excavation projects, so you need to work with an excavation contractor that is as comfortable with the lot clearing task as with the actual digging up of the dirt. At Hodgman Drainage, we take each step of the process seriously, from clearing the lot to the final grading. Contact us today to get started!

Many Challenges May Await

You never quite know what is going to be encountered when starting out to clear a lot. In some cases, the surprises will be pleasant – the growth can be removed easily and there is nothing stubborn standing in the way of completion. As an excavation contractor, we love it when that happens. Of course, the story isn’t always so rosy. Sometimes, difficult roots, sizeable rocks, and other hurdles can make lot clearing more of a challenge. It’s those cases when working with an experienced excavation contractor is going to pay off. Having the right equipment and knowledge on the job site will make all the difference when trying to work around difficulties to keep the project on track.

A Full List of Services

Of course, while lot clearing is important, you wouldn’t want to pick your contractor on the strength of that skill alone. At Hodgman Drainage, we bring everything you need to the party, including waterway construction, hauling, grading, and the excavation itself. Thanks to our long track record in this business and the long list of satisfied customers we have to our credit, your excavation project will be a breeze when working with our team.

At Hodgman Drainage Company, Inc., we have been offering quality drainage services since 1982. To learn more about our services, feel free to contact us at, or give us a call at 507-528-2225. Thank you for considering Hodgman Drainage!