By Published On: September 1st, 2022Categories: agricultural drainage company, drainage, Drainage Company, Tips

Making the investment in field tiling is a decision that can benefit your land for many years to come. That is only going to be the reality of the situation, however, if you have the work completed correctly the first time around. If mistakes are made, or corners are cut, you won’t get the performance you expected and repairs or improvements might be needed sooner rather than later. To avoid that complication and added expense, consider all details carefully and be sure to partner with a proven team that is up to this challenge. 

Drain the Whole Field

For many farmers, the idea of field filing has typically been to address problem spots on the land. In other words, the tiling would be installed in areas that had trouble draining, and that was that. Some tiling is better than none, but you might find that your field is better served by consistent tiling across the entire field. This way, even the spots that aren’t obvious problems will drain better and the water table will be moved down throughout the property. That should lead to more consistent results for all crops and should provide lasting results over the years. 

Get the Size Right

Perhaps the most important piece of this puzzle at the design and installation stages is to pick out the right size drainage tile to move water out of the field. Specifically, make sure the main line is going to be big enough to carry away water that is collected by the lateral lines. If there is a backup when water tries to enter the main drainage tile, your system won’t perform as well as it should. Taking your time to plan new field tiling properly will pay off in the long run as your pipes are able to move away all of the water that is collected. 

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