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Do you need help with waterlogged fields and poor crop yields? Proper drainage is crucial for maintaining healthy and thriving farms. Hodgman Drainage, a dedicated farm drainage company in Minnesota, shares valuable insights to help you avoid common drainage mistakes. Join us as we equip you with the knowledge and tools to optimize your farm’s drainage system and boost agricultural productivity.

Top 5 Drainage Mistakes to Avoid | Farm Drainage Company in Minnesota

1. Improper Sloping

Uneven slopes can cause water pooling. Not only is water pooling dangerous for crops on your farm, but it can also weaken your property’s infrastructure. In addition, stagnant water also attracts disease carriers such as mosquitos and mildew. They can wreak havoc on livestock and crops, causing diseases and death. Utilize deep open drains with proper sloping floors to ensure adequate drainage.

2. Insufficient Number of Drains | Farm Drainage Company in Minnesota

While planning a drainage system, ensure you have sufficient drains available. Designing and installing an efficient ag water management system can be pretty expensive. In these cases, some might skimp out on drains to save money. However, cutting costs on drains can prove costly as It could result in reduced crop yield caused by waterlogging. Instead of reducing the number of drains, consult an expert farm drainage company in Minnesota for an efficient and cost-effective solution.

3. Not Considering Safety

As with any other system, safety is your #1 priority. While designing drainage, consider safety as a critical factor. Ask yourself how the drains will be maintained. Will the drain covers be exposed? Can these drain covers cause a tripping hazard? Proper safety precautions should be taken during the drainage design to ensure they don’t result in accidents or legal liabilities. Partner with an expert drainage service provider to design a safe and effective farm drainage system.

4. Avoiding Drain Maintenance | Farm Drainage Company in Minnesota

Simply installing drains doesn’t make the water problem go away. They require regular maintenance to keep them working correctly. Avoiding drain maintenance can create several issues on your farm. The first is safety hazards, while another is improper drainage. It’s crucial to develop an effective drain maintenance plan and follow it to ensure the drains on the farm work effectively.

5. Use the Wrong Drain Type

Understanding the drain types is crucial to make an effective farm drainage system. Not using the right drainage solution in the right place can reduce the drainage capability of these drains. In farms, there are two drainage systems: natural and artificial. An expert drainage service provider knows which drain system suits the type of land. So, you must consult with a professional farm drainage company in Minnesota during farm drainage system design.

Ensure Proper Agricultural Water Management with the Top Farm Drainage Company in Minnesota

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