Harvest is in full swing and so is tiling season, so what better way to describe our state of mind than “Thankful. Grateful. Blessed.” Our part of the world has experienced near perfect weather conditions during the growing season this year and the yields are proving it! As corn and soybeans are harvested in the upper Midwest, it is clear that the yields are better this year, and the agricultural community has grounds to celebrate another year of success from their hard work and dedication to good soil conservation and management, along with being blessed with just the right amounts of moisture and sunshine.

As the crops come out, our crews roll in to make needed land improvements: splitting tile lines, repairing broken or plugged tile, pattern tiling, constructing terraces, building waterways, directional drilling. You name it, we are on it! Land conservation. land improvement is our forte- it’s what we love to do and now is the time to do it! Our crews are exceptional at getting after projects for our customers, our friends, who deserve quality results in a timely fashion. We are busy “making hay while the sun shines” as we all know what’s headed our way in short order- the white stuff! But we focus on today, just as everyone should- the here, the now. Today the harvest is bountiful, the bins are bursting at the seams, good weather is in the forecast and land improvement projects are ready to be tackled. It’s a great time for those of us involved in agriculture, and that includes all of us who eat! We at Hodgman Drainage are certainly in the state of mind of “Thankful. Grateful. Blessed.”



Three years ago today, November 6, 2012, the world as we knew it changed forever. Our brother/brother- in- law, Scott Hodgman, died in an accident just down the road from where our shop/ office is located now. In a split second, he was taken out of our lives. The sorrow was deep, the loss was unexplainable. The past three years have come and gone so slowly but so quickly without him. One day at a time, one foot in front of the other- it’s how we carry on. It’s what we all do with the loss of loved ones and what we need to do because they wouldn’t expect anything less of us.

cott was our brother, our friend, our business partner. We laughed, we yelled, we debated, we argued, we agreed, we disagreed, we agreed to disagree, we worked- together. Our lives, this company, the community are better today, because we were blessed by having Scott in our world. We miss him, but we are eternally grateful for him. We love you Scott


With Thanksgiving less than a week away, it’s time to start thinking about the food we eagerly anticipate purchasing, preparing and enjoying! Being involved in agribusiness gives us a clear perspective of what it takes to turn that seed into the beloved Thanksgiving Day dish the family looks forward to each year – such as the scalloped corn using Gramma’s recipe and the green bean casserole (or hotdish if you are truly Minnesotan). It is no small feat nurturing that tiny seed into the final masterpiece served on Thanksgiving…the hours of preparation involved on so many levels is mindboggling when you think about it. From the seed salesmen, to the farmers, to the laborers (including those picking rock and walking beans – I’m dating myself, I know, but the memories are still very vivid!), to the agronomists, to the co-op team spraying and fertilizing, to the land improvement/drainage experts, to the canning companies, to the commodity transporters, to the checkout personnel at the grocery store, to the moms, wives, sisters, grandmas and family “cooks” who prepare, taste test, and serve the Thanksgiving delicacies. There are so many hands involved in developing, planting, growing, nurturing, harvesting, processing, packaging, transporting, distributing, and preparing our food that it’s truly amazing how much of our labor force is involved in putting food in our mouths.

In October, Dan and I visited the Rochester Downtown Farmers Market where one of our employees, Matt, was working his family’s produce booth, Whitewater Farms, which was filled with home grown sweet potatoes, onions, potatoes, carrots, etc…Another booth was owned and operated by friends of ours, Thoreson Farms from Wanamingo. What a wonderful place to purchase fresh produce, meats, flowers, and homemade jams to support our local farmers! Fortunately, they are taking the market inside from November through April. You can find out the location and schedule at It is open this Saturday, Nov. 21 so you still have a chance to purchase some fresh
produce for your Thanksgiving feast!


In the United States, we are blessed with how plentiful food choices are and how economical.  Other countries of the world are not nearly as fortunate, and we need to be mindful of how we can contribute to feeding the hungry.  There are so many great organizations out there diligently working to collect and distribute food to those in need – in the United States and abroad.  Let’s remember to share our bounty because this year’s harvest was so great, and we are so fortunate. During this time of Thanksgiving, we feel Thankful, Grateful, Blessed!  We hope you do too!