We Offer Professional Directional Drilling in St. Paul to Keep Your Ag Business Running Smoothly

Are you tired of dealing with uneven land and poor drainage on your farm or agricultural land in St. Paul? Does performing traditional excavation and trenching give you the desired results? Look no further than Hodgman Drainage Company, Inc. for professional directional drilling in St. Paul.

Our experienced technicians are experts in agricultural water management and understand the unique requirements of the ag industry. We use top-of-the-line equipment and techniques to efficiently install drainage systems to keep your land level and crops thriving.

Why Choose Directional Drilling in St. Paul?

Directional drilling is installing underground pipes or drainage systems without traditional excavation. This technique involves specialized equipment to drill horizontally underground and create a channel for installing pipes.

Compared to traditional excavation, directional drilling has many benefits for agricultural water management in St. Paul:

  • It minimizes the disturbance to your land, reducing the soil erosion and preserving the integrity of your crops.
  • It is faster and more efficient, allowing you to resume farming operations sooner.
  • It can reach areas that are difficult to access with traditional excavation, such as under buildings or roads.
  • It is a cost-effective option, requiring less labor and equipment.

At Hodgman Drainage Company, Inc., we have extensive experience in directional drilling for agricultural water management in St. Paul. Our highly trained team can handle any size project, from small farms to large ag businesses.

Need New Drainage Systems Installed or Replace Existing Ones?

We Can Help

Our experts can provide comprehensive directional drilling services for all agricultural water management needs. We can help with:

  • ¬†Installing new drainage systems for improved water management and crop health
  • Repairing or replacing outdated or damaged drainage systems
  • Retrofitting existing systems to improve their efficiency

We work with our clients to understand their needs and design custom solutions. We aim to help you achieve optimal water management for your farm, ultimately leading to healthier crops and increased yields.

Our Directional Drilling Process

At Hodgman Drainage Company, Inc., we use state-of-the-art directional drilling equipment and techniques to ensure efficient and precise installation of drainage systems. Our process includes:

  • Site evaluation for the best location for the new or replacement system
  • Directional drilling using specialized machinery to create an underground pathway for pipes
  • Installation of pipes and backfilling of the drilled pathway for a seamless finish
  • Testing and fine-tuning to ensure proper functionality and water flow

We prioritize safety and quality in every process step, ensuring your project is completed to the highest standards.

Why Choose Hodgman Drainage Company, Inc.?

Customized Solutions

We understand that every farm and field is unique, and we take a customized approach to our directional drilling services. We work to gather data, assess your specific needs, and then develop a plan that fits your budget and meets your objectives.

Safety and Efficiency

Our team is well-versed in using the latest directional drilling equipment, ensuring your drainage system’s safe and efficient installation. We also take all necessary precautions to protect the environment during our work.

Quality Materials

We only use top-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. This means less maintenance and repairs in the long run, saving you time and money.

Increased Yields

Proper drainage is essential for maximum crop yields. Our precise installation techniques help to optimize water flow and drainage, resulting in healthier soil and improved crop production.

Customer Satisfaction

We value our customers and strive to go beyond their expectations. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional service and ensuring our clients are fully satisfied with their drainage system.

Ensure A Sustainable Future for Your Farm

Let Us Perform Directional Drilling in St. Paul For You