We Offer Directional Drilling in Sioux Falls for All Projects, Big or Small

An Overview of Directional Drilling in Sioux Falls

Directional drilling is a cutting-edge technology that allows precise, controlled drilling in any direction. This method has revolutionized the agricultural industry due to its improved efficiency and cost savings when installing drainage systems, irrigation systems, and other agricultural infrastructure.

At Hodgman Drainage Company, Inc., we have been utilizing directional drilling for agricultural projects in Sioux Falls and the surrounding areas for over 25 years. We pride ourselves on being early adopters of this technology and continuously staying updated with the latest directional drilling equipment and techniques advancements. With our competent crew and high-quality equipment, we can handle agricultural directional drilling projects of any size and complexity.

Common Surfaces We Drill Through

One of the key benefits of directional drilling is its ability to drill through various surfaces with minimal disturbance. This is especially important in agricultural areas, where preserving land and minimizing crop disruption is crucial. Some of the common surfaces we drill through include:

  • Farmland: The equipment we use for directional drilling in Sioux Falls is designed to minimize surface disturbance, making it ideal for drilling through farmland. It ensures minimal crop disruption and that the land can continue to be used for agricultural purposes.
  • Roads and highways: Directional drilling is also commonly used to install utilities and infrastructure under roads and highways. This eliminates the need for excavation or road closures, resulting in minimal disruption to traffic flow.
  • Parking lots: Although parking lots are made of concrete or asphalt, this drilling method can still be used to create underground pathways without excavation. It is particularly useful in areas where parking space is limited and traditional excavation methods are not feasible.
  • Lawns: Directional drilling is the optimal choice for installing irrigation systems without damaging lawns and landscaping for smaller agricultural projects on residential or commercial properties.

Our Proven Process

We have years of experience providing directional drilling for Sioux Falls agriculture projects. Our proven process ensures that your project is completed efficiently and accurately, with minimal disturbance to the surrounding areas. Here’s how it works:

Step 1 – Comprehensive Site Evaluation: 

Our first step involves conducting a thorough site assessment to identify utilities and infrastructure installation requirements. This assessment encompasses various factors such as soil composition, terrain features, and existing infrastructure networks.

Step 2 – Tailored Design Planning: 

Following the site evaluation, our team develops a customized design plan that aligns with the project’s unique needs. It includes determining the optimal placement, routing, and specifications for utilities such as water, electricity, gas, telecommunications, and sewage systems.

Step 3 – Pre-drilling Preparation: 

We ensure all necessary permits, licenses, and approvals are obtained from relevant authorities before drilling. We also clearly mark the job site, identify potential hazards, and develop a safety plan to ensure a smooth and safe installation process.

Step 4 – Precision Drilling: 

Our technicians utilize advanced drilling technology and techniques to create precise openings for installing utilities. We ensure minimal disturbance to existing structures and optimal functionality.

Step 5 – Expert Installation: 

Our experienced and skilled team members carefully install and connect all utility systems with precision and accuracy. We use high-quality materials and adhere to industry standards to ensure long-lasting performance.

Step 6 – Backfilling and Restoration:

After installation, we backfill the drilled holes and restore the job site to its original condition. We strive to minimize any impact on the surrounding environment and ensure a seamless integration of utilities into the landscape.

Why Choose Directional Drilling Over Traditional Excavation?

Directional drilling is often the preferred method for installing underground utilities and infrastructure, compared to traditional excavation techniques, for several reasons. Here are some of the main advantages:

  1. Minimal Disturbance: Directional drilling minimizes surface disturbance, which means less damage to existing landscapes and infrastructure. This makes it an ideal option for urban areas or environmentally sensitive locations.
  2. Cost-Effective: With directional drilling, there is no need for extensive excavation or restoration work, making it a more cost-effective solution in the long run. It also reduces the risk of potential damages to existing utilities during installation.
  3. Versatility: Directional drilling can be used for various applications, including installing pipelines, electrical cables, and telecommunication lines. It is also suitable for different soil conditions and allows for navigation around obstacles such as buildings or natural features.
  4. Faster Installation: Directional drilling requires a smaller crew and less equipment than traditional methods so that it can be completed in a shorter amount of time.
  5. Safer: Directional drilling eliminates the need for workers to enter trenches or work in close proximity to heavy machinery, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries on the job site.
  6. Minimal Environmental Impact: The minimal surface disturbance of directional drilling also means less disruption to the surrounding environment. It helps preserve natural habitats and reduces the need for additional restoration work.
  7. Precise and Accurate: Directional drilling utilizes advanced technology for precise and accurate installation. This reduces the chances of errors and ensures that utilities are installed exactly where needed.

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