By Published On: June 7th, 2023Categories: Agricultural Farm Drainage

Farm drainage tile systems in Minnesota are becoming increasingly popular for agricultural water management and improving yield productivity. It’s a network of pipes connected to one or more pumps beneath the soil surface. Most commonly, drainage tile systems return excess water from fields and divert it from areas where crops are planted. However, only a professional farm drainage company in Minnesota can properly install a system to effectively manage your agriculture water needs.

Unfortunately, there are many myths about farm drainage, such as:

Myth 1: Farm Drainage Tile Systems Are Too Expensive.

False! Many farmers believe installing farm drainage tiles is too costly, but this isn’t the case. The cost of these systems in Minnesota can vary, depending on the size and complexity of your needs. But with upfront costs typically spread out over time through tax credits or other funding sources, this system can be surprisingly affordable.

Myth 2: These Drainage Tiles Are Difficult To Maintain. | Farm Drainage Company In Minnesota

False! Modern farm drainage tiles in Minnesota are designed to be easy to maintain and highly efficient. All drainage designs are custom-made for each field for maximum efficiency.

A farm drainage company in Minnesota will also provide on-site evaluations and work with you to ensure your system is optimized for long-term efficiency. It includes regular maintenance and inspections to ensure optimal functionality.

Myth 3: Farm Drainage Tile Systems Are Only Suitable for Groundwater Control.

While it is true that farm drainage tiles can control groundwater, they are also an effective way to manage irrigation and runoff water. These tiles are a great way to reduce flooding and ensure that your land gets enough water without becoming oversaturated.

Farm drainage tiles can also help capture water, which can be used to irrigate crops or replenish groundwater reserves.

Myth 4: Farm Drainage Tiles Are Only for Big Farms.

Whether you have a small acreage or a large farm – drainage tiles can be beneficial. The size of the drainage tiles you need depends on the size of your agricultural land and the amount of water you need to manage.

A professional farm drainage company in Minnesota can work with you to determine the best size and design for your ag drainage tile system. They also understand Minnesota public drainage law and can help you avoid legal penalties.

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Myth 5: Farm Drainage Tile Systems Can Be Installed Without Professional Help.

The process includes several steps, from soil analysis to pipe installation. Each step requires precision and expertise and should not be done through DIY techniques.

Only a farm drainage company in Minnesota knows the best way to properly install drainage tiles for effective agricultural water management and maximum yield productivity.

Ensure Maximum Yield with a Professional Farm Drainage Company in Minnesota

Farm drainage tiles can be an invaluable tool for managing ag water needs. Whether your needs are small or large, Hodgman Drainage Company, Inc. offers professional farm drainage services in Minnesota. We assess your field’s needs and create a custom design for your agricultural water management requirements. Our skilled experts have decades of agriculture experience and provide the best ag drainage services in the state.

Contact us today. Our team will provide more information about our farm drainage tile solutions and how we can help.