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At first glance, pipeline trenching seems pretty simple. The goal is just to create a hole in the ground where a new pipeline can be laid. With the right equipment and a little bit of knowledge, it would seem that almost any contractor could make quick work of it. The reality, however, is a bit more complicated. There are plenty of variables that come into play in a pipeline trenching job, and those surprises can make it harder than expected to reach the finish line. 

Hidden Obstacles

Perhaps the most obvious issue that can be encountered when pipeline trenching is simply obstacles hiding under the earth that make it more difficult than expected to create the trench. The use of modern technologies in the planning phases can help to avoid these unwanted issues, but you’ll never quite know what you are going to find until the earth is turned over and the trench starts to take shape. Working with a contractor that has the experience and equipment to work around these issues and keep the project on track is an important advantage you’ll want to put on your side. 

Getting the Timing Right

For an inexperienced contractor, it can be tricky to determine just how long it is going to take to complete a pipeline trenching project. Of course, getting the timing right is important, as that will largely dictate the cost of the job, as well as when other stages of the job can begin. As mentioned above, there can be surprises that come up along the way, and those surprises may serve to throw off a contractor who hasn’t been through this kind of work very many times previously. If you want to make sure your job stays on time throughout the trenching process and into the rest of the project, it’s important to team with a contractor who knows what issues can come up and who will give you a realistic timeline for completion.  

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