By Published On: August 25th, 2022Categories: agricultural drainage company, Drainage Company

As you get ready for a field tiling project, you’ll have a lot of pieces to put in place including the timing of the job and the layout of the tiles themselves. No decision in this process is more important, however, than the choice of contractor you will use for the work. By picking an experienced team – like Hodgman Drainage – you can set your worries to the side and know that the work is going to be completed on time and on budget. 

Nothing Beats Experience

Simply put, you don’t want a contractor installing field tiling in your land unless they have done this work previously. The job is too important to trust to a contractor that will be learning along the way – the kinds of mistakes that could result from such a situation are a bigger risk than you should be willing to accept. Start your search for a field tiling contractor by asking about experience and begin to narrow down your options on that critical point. You don’t have to go with the single most experienced contractor you find, but make sure every contractor on your final list of options has been in this business for a while and can be trusted with the task. 

Sorting Through the Bids

It’s tempting to collect a few bids for a job like this and simply pick the one that comes in the lowest. Saving money is always a welcome opportunity on a farm, after all. However, this narrow point of view can get you into trouble. It’s better to see the big picture and look for the bid that makes the most sense all the way around, including the proposed timeline for the project, how much tile will be laid, the cost, and more. When you take a holistic view of the options in front of you, a winner should become clear pretty quickly. 

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