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Hiring a new contractor for a project always takes time. And, of course, when time is spent on a task, that means money is being spent, as well. Cutting down on the time needed to track down the right partner for various tasks will help save money and make everything more efficient. With that in mind, when hiring a pipeline trenching contractor, it’s worth considering what other services that contractor may have to offer. If they do more than just pipeline trenching, you can leverage that flexibility to take care of your needs in other areas, whether on the current job or on jobs that may come up in the future. 

The Possibilities are Many

In addition to pipeline trenching, you might team up with a contractor like Hodgman Drainage who is also able to handle commercial site work, underground installation, and even new development construction. Of course, what you happen to need on your project will vary from case to case, but having a versatile partner can make life easier. You’ll already know that the contractor can deliver quality work for a fair price based on your previous trenching experiences, meaning you can rest easy knowing the job as a whole is on track. 

Handling Scale

If your contractor offers more than just pipeline trenching, there is a good chance that contractor will be able to scale up their services to meet your needs. Rather than being restricted to just small jobs – or needing to reach out to a new contractor when things get bigger – you can scale up and down as needed with the same partner. This may not be the case when a contractor does little else beyond trenching, as they might not have the experience, team, or equipment required to make a big jump in scale. 

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